How To Program Anko Universal Remote Codes

Universal remotes are the best choice for your entertainment devices. You can get all the features of your original in a universal remote, and it controls multiple devices simultaneously. Like other universal remotes, Anko universal remote needs a code to program it to connect it with the desired device, which is assigned for specific devices and models. Anko universal remote programming completes within a minute and is much simpler.

How Do I Setup My Anko Universal Remote

You can program the universal remote in manual and auto-code search methods, but the manual process is the best choice to set up your Anko remote. However, you can use the auto-code search method when you don’t have valid codes for your required device or if your remote didn’t program with the codes. Follow the instructions below to program the Anko remote controller using a valid code.

  1. “Turn on” the device you wish to control with Anko universal remote.
  2. Press the desired device button. For example, if you want to set up the Anko universal remote to the TV, press the “TV” key on the remote and then press the “POWER” key on the remote until the “TV” button illuminates. 
  3. Now enter the code that can find the remote code list. The desired device button will flash twice after entering the code. 
  4. After that, press the “POWER” key on the remote. The targeted device turns off if it gets a valid code. If the device doesn’t respond, repeat the exact programming steps from step 2 until the remote gets a valid code. 

If the device turns off, turn it back on and test the remote buttons to control the TV functions. If all the buttons work as expected, you can use the remote to control your device. If you can’t control desired functions using the Anko universal remote, you must reprogram it with another code.

Anko Universal Remote Codes List

You can see a list of device codes for specific devices and models. If you notice multiple codes for a single device, try all the codes until your device gets a valid code. I will tell you how to confirm the correct code during remote programming.

Program the Anko Remote In the Auto-Code Search Method

It is an alternative method. In this method, the remote search for a valid code during the reprogramming. However, this method can take more time than the code entry method. This auto-code search method is recommended when you can’t program your remote in the manual method. 

  • “Turn on” the device you wish to control using Anko universal remote.
  • Keep the remote in front of the targeted device.
  • Once, press the desired device button (TV, DVD, AUX, STB, or any other). The device key will starts blinking. After this, press the “POWER” button until the corresponding device key stays solid.
  • After this, press the “POWER” button again.
  • The desired device button will blink continuously until the device turns off.
  • Press the “OK” button immediately when the device turns off to save the code. 
  • If you fail to press the “OK” button, the remote moves to search the following code. 

Now test your remote control to control your device. If the device responds, the remote is ready to use, and no need for further programming.

Anko Universal Remote Is Not Working

Is the Anko universal remote not working, even after your programmed it successfully? Then you must fix the problem with your remote and the corresponding device. I will tell you some fixes to resolve the remote issue. Follow them carefully. 

Always Insert New Batteries: First, you must check the batteries when your remote is not working or partially working. Dead batteries or low-powered batteries can’t control the device. Insert a set of new batteries into the remote and test the device.

Control the device from less than one meter: Keep the remote in front of the device from less than a meter to send solid infrared (IR) signals to the device. As well as remove the interrupting objects in your room. 

Reprogram the remote: The remote may not work, even after you programmed the corresponding code if it is incompatible with the device version and model. It would be best to try all the codes until the remote gets a valid code. See the programming instructions given in this post.

Check power supply: Remove all the cables into the devices for 10 minutes and check if there is any physical damage. Press the “POWER” button on your device for 30 seconds. As well as remove the obstructions between your antenna and the sky to allow SAT signals. After that, plug all the cables into the devices. Now check the remote to control the device. 

How To Reset Anko TV Remote?

You can reset your remote when it doesn’t connect to your device, similar to the steps you’d follow when you need to program your Optimum remote to your LG TV. The Anko TV remote reset is much simple and complete in a few steps mentioned below

  • Press the “TV” key and the “POWER” button on the remote.
  • Enter the code 93003.
  • All device buttons will flash three times when your remote is reset to factory settings.

After this, you must program the remote using a valid code or the auto-code search method.

Anko Universal Remote Manual

In the Anko universal remote manual, you can see all the information about the remote and find all the device codes. The user manual will give complete knowledge about the remote functions and features. In addition, the user manual will help you if the remote has any technical error.

(We Provided Each and every information related to Anko remote in this article, So you no need to search for manual)


You can use these remote codes for Soniqu, Hisense, Kogan, Samsung TVs, and more devices. The procedures mentioned above are working for all Anko remotes without any errors. I hope this article helps you. If you have any doubts or have errors during the programming, leave a comment to us, and I will try to answer you. Also, you can share new codes that work for your devices.

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