How to Program a GE Universal Remote to a TV Without Codes?

The universal GE remote can be programmed not only to used with TV & DVD but also you can use it with any kind of audio/video devices. All you need is just universal remote codes and program instructions. With the correct code you can choose any programming method and the remote will setup successfully. So if you are looking for how to program a ge universal remote without codes you are at the right page.

How Do I Program A GE Universal Remote Without A Code?

The GE universal remote setup without codes can be done in two ways using code search method or number search method. We have listed down both the methods with simple steps. The best thing of programming the universal remote is that it replaces multiple device remotes as well as need to program only for once. 

How To Program A GE Universal Remote Without Codes?

  1. “Turn on” the device manually.
  2. Click and hold the “SETUP” key until the led light stays on and then leave the key.
  3. Tap & release the desired device button you wish to control. The led light blinks once and then remains highlighted.
  4. Aim the universal remote at the device and click & release the  power key (for TV) and play (for DVD, VCR, etc.)
  5. Hold your finger on #1 key so you are ready to lock-in the universal code.
  6. When the device turns off or starts playing. Tap the #1 key to lock-in the code. the indicator light will turn off.
  7. Aim the universal remote at the device and check if the remote operates as desired. If it does, no further programming is needed. If it doesn’t, go back to step 2 and start the code search again.
  8. Repeat the process for each of the device you want to setup universal remote.

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Direct Code Entry method:

  1. Check for the remote code list available here. Search the device category you would like to program such as TV, Blu-ray, DVD, SAT etc. Now find the brand of the particular device and mark all the codes for that brand.
  2. Switch on the device you want to operate.
  3. Tap & hold the “SETUP” button until the led indicator remains highlighted (approx 4 seconds) and then leave the SETUP key.
  4. Press & leave the desired device key on the GE Universal remote (DVD, TV, VCR, AUX, DVR). The indicator light once blinks and then remains lit.
  5. Now enter the initial 4 digit code you have selected from the code list using the numeric keys on the remote. if the code you entered is valid, the indicator light will turns off. If the entered code is not valid, the light will flash and remain lit that enables you to re-enter the universal remote code.
  6. Aim the universal remote at the device. Click on the power button- if the device switched off, then no further programming is needed. If the device doesn’t turns off then go back to step 3 and use the next code found in the available codes list. Continue with the same process until you found a valid code for your device.
  7. Repeat this process for all the devices you want to program.

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  1. I have a homework dtv converter box model hw180std and a ge universal remote that I’m trying to program to it but having no luck finding to code needed to program remote to the box any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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