GE Universal Remote Codes

We have the option to manage all our tech devices with a single remote only. All you required just best universal remote with easy programming way to operate all your devices. When it comes to universal remote, GE (general electric) universal remote is best. So, In this post we are going to provide ge universal remote codes list and easy way to program ge universal remote.

GE Universal Remote CL3, Cl4, CL5 Codes List

Below you will get the exact working GE universal remote codes to program your remote by which you can easily control your TV, DVD player, Blu Ray, Sound bar and AC. We mentioned CL3, CL4 and CL5 models which means which mentioned all type of ge remote codes. If you don’t know what are these codes then don’t worry, General Electric universal remote codes are the codes through which you can manage your devices. You just need to enter some specific digit numbers such as 3, 4 or 5 digit codes with the help of your remote and then enjoy your favourite ones.

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GE Universal Remote Codes List

Just because of the plenty remote, sometimes you may get irritated. So below, I am sharing the complete list of GE Universal Remote Codes CL3, CL4, Cl5 which is properly working. Well, without wasting a single moment, just scroll down the page and have a look at the list of the codes.

GE Universal Remote Manual

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How To Program GE Universal Remote?

Basically, we have three simple methods through which you can easily set up your GE universal remote codes for example we can program GE backlit universal remote as well. You just need to follow the step-by-step procedure and once you complete these methods then your remote should be working for all the functions. So, lets move forward and look at the methods-

How To Program GE Universal Remote Using Codes?

  1. In the beginning, you need to continuously press and hold the button of the “SETUP” once you will see the red light of your remote gets turns ON.
  2. According to your device, you need to press and release the button of the device that you may choose. You can choose for the TV, CBL, DVD, AUD.
  3. Now you have to enter the code of the 4-digit that you choose from the above list of the universal remote codes. When you enter he code, the red light will turn OFF.
  4. After that, place the remote towards the device just to test the buttons. In case your remote will not work then repeat the above steps and enter the next code just to operate your device.
  5. Please repeat this procedure for the device that you want to control and enjoy your favourite shows without facing any kind of the problem.

How To Program GE Universal Remote With Auto Code Search (Without Codes)

  1. First of all, you need to enter the setup mode which is done by press and hold the button of the setup. Make sure that you have to press the button unless you will see that the red light is ON. Most of the time, you will not aware where the red light is. Then let me tell you that it is given on the top of the remote.
  2. Every user is using the different type of the device. So according to your device, you need to press and release the device button from your remote. You will see the red light will blink and remains ON. Well, the different devices may include TV, STR, BLU-RAY, AUD, DVD, CBL, SAT, AUX. 
  3. Well, there is no need to search in the list of the codes. Because once you point the remote at the device then you need to press and release the POWER button. This will send the 10 different codes to your device and when you will see the 1 codes then the red light will blink and remain ON after sending the 10 codes.
  4. Most of the time, you will skip any one code from the 10 codes. Then now you can easily review the individual codes. For that you need to press and release the VOL ^ button. This button will help to re-send the code and you will see that the red light will blink and remains ON.
  5. So, lets repeat the same steps for the other devices also because the whole method is same for all devices.

How To Program GE Universal Remote With Direct Code Entry

  1. Without knowing the model number and the code list version, you cannot operate your device. For that, you need to open the battery and remove it.
  2. From that, you have to recognise the version of the code list. Basically, there are three types of the code list version which may include CL3. CL4, CL5.
  3. After knowing the version, replace the battery and try to access the remote codes for that version.
  4. Now press and hold the button until the red light of the remote turns ON. Although, again you have to press and release the button for the chosen device.
  5. It’s time to enter the code for the 4-digit. So, after entering the codes your red light will turn OFF.
  6. Well, place the remote towards the device and test the buttons. Most of the time, it will not work just because of the incorrect 4-digit code. For that, you have to choose another code from the list and apply this method again.
  7. So, with this method, I would like to tell you that you can easily repeat this method for each device that you want to operate and enjoy your favourite ones.

FAQ of GE Universal Remote

1). is this codes will work properly?

Ans: Yes, these codes will work properly. If you unable to setup your remote read the this article a few more times. You will know better about it.

2). Can we reset GE Universal remote after configuration?

Ans: Yes, you can reset your GE universal remote after configuration, if you can.

3). Where can we get universal remotes?

Ans: GE Universal remote producers have a website. You can get your remote there. Also, other e-commerce websites are selling these remotes.

4). Is GE Universal remote works for other smart TV ?

Ans: Yes, you can configure universal remotes for any other smart TV. Just you need to follow the simple steps only. 

5). Can we control multiple devices at one place?

Ans: Yes, You can operate multiple devices at one place with help of GE Universal remote. 

6). How Can i Program my Roku with GE Remote?

Ans: We wrote detailed process about it please check GE universal remote Roku code article and follow each step.


At last, I believe now you have detailed information about the GE Universal Remote Codes and now with the help of the above methods. You can also program these Byjasco remote codes also. We have shared the complete list of the GE codes with the programming methods. So that you will not face any difficulty. In case, you have any issues then let us know by commenting below in the comment section