GE 24922 Universal Remote Codes

GE Universal Remote control can operate the multiple devices like TV, DVD player, home theatre and many more. If you have various devices and struggle to operate each of your devices with different remote controls, here is the game changer GE Universal Remote control. Programming the GE Universal Remote with your devices is the first thing to do to save your time and expenses, but how? Here, we have explained the complete procedure in easy way, read it till the end.

Programming the GE Universal Remote with the device’s GE Universal Remote code will allow you to operate/control many of your devices with a single remote. For each device, you have to enter the specific device’s universal code on the GE universal remote control. 

GE 24922 Universal Remote Codes List

To program the universal remote control with your devices, Firstly you need to look for the codes that are specific for your device. Generally the code list is given with your remote, If you do not have the list with you, have a look here we have collected the best possible GE universal remote codes for you. List out the codes according to your device’s type and brand.

How to Program GE 24922 Universal Remote with Auto code search

If you have the latest GE universal remote, you will have a code search button on the remote by which you can search the code and set up your devices with Universal Remote control but some of the GE universal remotes may not support the auto code search method. If you have the same, you can follow the manual code entry method.

Follow the below simple steps to program your GE Universal Remote: 

  1. Turn on the device manually that you want to operate.
  2. Long press the setup button until you see the red light, then release the button, you will see the light remains lit.
  3. Now, point the Remote towards your device and press POWER button until your device turns off and also the light. 
  4. Turn on your device again with power button, then press and release the play button, this will make your device turned off. If so, the code is saved correctly. If not, repeat the process again to find the correct code.  It is a process of trail and error, so be patient while programming.

GE 24922 Universal Remote Programming With Codes

It is one of the most Commonly used method also known as direct Code entry method. Unlike auto code search method, It requires the correct code to enter for each device. You can find the codes in the universal remote codes list that we have provided. 

Here is a quick and easy guide to follow:

  1. Turn on the device that you want to operate.
  2. Press&hold the setup button until the red indicator flashes, then release.
  3. Now, press the device button on the remote, for instance if you want to set up with the TV then press the TV button.
  4. Now enter the code using the number buttons on the remote, the light will turn off after entering 4th digit of the code.
  5. Locate the remote towards your device, press the volume button or any key to check if it is working. If the device responds, you are done programming. If not, repeat the process and try another code until you succeed. 

Final words:

The process is easy and simple. Make sure the batteries are working. Follow all the instructions carefully and set up the universal remote control with your devices. If you face any difficulty in programming the remote control, then please mention in the comment section below. We will help you until you are successful. 

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