How To Reset GE Universal Remote

A Ge universal remote is very beneficial if you want to replace your original remote with a universal remote because it offers you the features of operating multiple home entertainment devices with a single remote. Also you can clear the clutter of handling multiple remotes on your device tables. But sometimes you need to face some issues on your remote and need to reset it to restore the functionalities to the initial level or find codes for ge universal remote. 

This article will guide you to reset Ge universal remote on the factory date so that you can configure it accordingly. We have provided you the step by step guide to reset your remote control, also there are many methods available for how to program a ge universal remote without codes so you can choose any methods depending on your convenience to reset it. If you found the initial method doesn’t work to reset your universal remote then you can give a chance to the second method or reset the remote which is also available below with steps.

Below here you will find the best methods available for you to reset the GE remote control. Please follow the Process given below to reset the GE universal remote.


How To Reset GE Universal Remote Method 1

This method is quote easier for you if your remote control is in working condition and accept commands through its keys. You need to press the keys for some time, release them and similarly follow the process for Also, the GE universal remote reset process seems kind of similar to the programming process that you follow while programming the remote control and operating the devices.

  • Press and hold the SETUP key Setup Key for sometime till the led light indicates and then release the setup key .
  • The light will remain lit.
  • Tap & release the Mute MUTE key.
  • Press and release the 0 Zero Key key from the numeric keypad of your remote control. The led indicator light will blink for twice.
  • If you have followed the process like given above carefully then your ge remote is reset to it’s factory settings.

How To Reset GE Universal Remote Method 2

This method works best for you if your remote control is not working and responding to most of the keys you press on the GE universal remote control. Alternatively you can choose any method depending on your convenience to the remote control and the process of resetting the universal ge remote and then try for exmple how to program a ge roku remote method.

  • Remote the both AAA batteries from the universal remote.
  • Wait for 2 minutes
  • And then insert the batteries back to the GE remote.
  • You have to press & hold the key in remote for sometime before inserting the batteries back to remote.
  • You may need to do this process at least 4-5 times.
  • The GE universal remote will go back to their factory settings


We hope you will find this article useful in reset your GE universal remote to it’s factory settings. Here we have provided 2 methods to reset the GE universal remote control With a step by step process for ge universal remote cl5 codes for element tv check this out. So you can check the processes and compatibility before going forward to choose a method and reset the universal ge remote.

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