GE Ultrapro Universal Remote Codes

Consolidate control of your home entertainment devices with GE Ultra pro universal remote and also it removes the hassle of keeping multiple controllers. The ultrapro universal remote 4 device codes and ultrapro universal remote 8 device codes are mentioned below. This is compatible with major brands and includes advanced functions, easy to use navigation menus, and dot button to access the sub channels. You need Ultrapro universal remote codes to program the remote to operate your device.

GE Ultra pro Universal Remote Codes List

GE ultrapro 8 universal remote codes list is updated here. These codes are three, four, or five digit codes. You can control up to 8 smart devices with a single remote after programming the remote using these codes.

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How to Program Ultra Pro Universal Remote

Ultrapro universal remote setup is easy if you have valid GE ultrapro universal remote codes and instructions. So, to help you with setup the remote control here we have updated how to program ge ultrapro universal remote methods with step by step instructions. Also, if you don’t find any universal remote codes working with your remote, you can also search for it in GE ultrapro universal remote manual.

How To Program GE Ultrapro Universal Remote

  • Manually Switch “ON” the device you wish to operate (TV, DVR. Blu-ray)
  • Tap & release the Functions key (CABLE, TV, AUX or VCR)
  • Click and hold the “SETUP” key until the function tab blinks twice.
  • Now enter the 4 digit universal remote codes for the device.
  • Point out the remote at the device and click on power key once. The particular device will turns off.

Note: If the device doesn’t respond as desired, repeat the steps 1-5. If still it doesn’t work, try searching for code.

How To Program GE Ultrapro Universal Remote Without Codes

  1. “Turn ON” the particular device for which you are programming the remote
  2. Click & release the ‘Function Key’.
  3. Tap & hold on the “SETUP” key until the function key blinks for twice.
  4. Now enter 9-9-1.
  5. Simultaneously click on Power & function key until the device switch off
  6. When the particular device turns off, Click on the SETUP to lock-in the universal code.

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We hope you will like our Ultra pro GE universal remote codes article useful for programming the universal remote control for your device. Please share your feedback with us and let us know if you want to make any improvements or include any codes that are yet not available here.

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