GE Universal Remote Codes for Element TV 

GE Universal Remote control can be used to operate your Element tv. If your original TV remote is not working, this GE universal remote is the best choice to control your device. There are three types of remote code lists such as CL3, Cl4, and CL5. To know which type of ge universal remote codes for element tv, flip your remote and open the battery cover, and you will see the set of codes. If you are still looking for a code, don’t worry. Here, you can find the complete list of GE universal remote codes based on your remote code list versions, and you can also have the programming instructions to operate your Element tv.

GE Universal Remote CL4 Codes for Element tv

To operate your Element tv with the GE universal remote control, firstly, you need to look up the cl4 GE universal remote codes specific to your device. If your GE universal remote control is of cl4 version, then you can use these GE universal remote cl4 codes. If one code is not working, then try with another one.

5421 6171 2401 5471 2891 1741 1091 1651 5831 5841 5341 6021 5361

GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes for Element tv 

If you have the GE universal remote with the cl5 version, you can use the code mentioned above because the 4 & 5 codes list is identical. List all the codes specific to the device and how to program a GE cl5 universal remote without codes for your element tv. Check out the below steps.

5421 6171 1091 1651 2891 1741 5361 5341 2401 5471 5831 5841 6021

GE Universal Remote CL3 Codes for Element tv 

GE universal remote works with almost any tv brand. Finding the right code for your device is often challenging and time-consuming. To make it convenient for you, we have provided the GE universal remote codes based on the remote version and use them for GE cl3 remote programming by the below steps. Cl3 GE remote codes for element tv are. You can also find the universal remote codes from the list.







How To Reset Element Tv Without Remote

You will need to reset the remote when it does not work as expected.

  • Press the “SETUP” button on the remote until the LED indicator stays solid.
  • Press the “MUTE” button once on the remote. The LED indicator will blink once.
  • Finally, press the “0” button on the remote. The LED indicator flashes twice when the remote is reset to factory settings.

How To Connect A GE Universal Remote To An Element TV

Start programming your GE universal remote to your element tv with the simple steps. It is essential to have the right code for your tv before you start programming, even for how to program a GE universal remote to a sony tv and any remote and any tv brand. It’s very important.

Follow this quick process to set up your GE remote for your element tv: 

1). “Switch on” your tv manually and press the “Setup” button on your remote. Hold the button until you see the red indicator, then release it.

2). Now press and release the “TV” button. The red light indicator will remain lit. 

3). Enter the 4-digit code based on your GE universal remote code list version. The indicator will turn off once you enter the code.

4). Next, use the “Power” button to turn off the tv. Now switch on the TV again and point your remote towards the tv. Press any button on the remote to test if your remote is working for your tv. If the device responds to your remote, then the setup is completed. If not, then repeat the process.

Fix Element TV Remote is Not Working

If the Element TV remote is not working as expected, you will need to fix the internal and external errors. See the list of fixes to resolve your Element TV remote problem below.

Insert New Batteries: Old batteries are the first cause of the remote error. Remove the drained batteries from the remote and insert new batteries into it. Now, check the remote to control the Element TV. If the device doesn’t respond, move to the next fix.

Reprogram The Remote: Universal remotes can be programmed if you use brand code, but it won’t control the device fully as expected due to incompatible code. Please choose the correct code for your remote program and program it using the instructions mentioned earlier in this post.

Reset The Remote: If the remote doesn’t work even after reprogramming with a valid code, you must reset the remote. Remove the batteries from the remote and press the “POWER” button for 30 seconds to reset the remote. Now, your remote erased the previous program. So, you must program the remote again with a valid code to control your Element TV.

Remove The Power Cables: Remove the power cables from the TV for 10 minutes and press the “POWER” button on the remote for a minute. After this, plug all the wires into the device and control it using your remote.

Check External Errors: Check the physical damages on your remote and remove dust using a wiping brush. If you notice any damages, buy a new universal remote to control your Element TV.

Where Is The Setup Button On Element Remote

Usually, the “SETUP” button appears on the top of the remote. Find the “SET” or “SETUP” button on the remote.

How To Change Element TV Input Without Remote

See the input buttons under the TV panel, such as POWER, MENU, CH+, CH-, VOL+, VOL-, and SET.

Using these input buttons, you can change the required input. Also, you can change the sources with TV buttons without needing a remote.

Press the “MENU” button for the MENU wizard and use the Volume and Channel buttons to navigate the options and change the input.

If you have a new Smart Element TV, you must use the universal remote or remote App to change the inputs in your TV. You can get Apps on the Google Play store.


Our website provides the most reliable GE universal remote codes that are tested and approved. If you experience any issues setting up your remote with your tv, feel free to connect with us. 

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