GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV

Are you looking for sony tv universal remote codes for the GE remote? If your Sony TV remote is not working or is lost somehow, you can configure a universal remote or replacement remote to operate your Sony TV. Your GE remote can also be used as a replacement remote for a Sony TV device if programmed successfully using the correct universal remote codes, the same thing we did with the GE universal remote code for the sony DVD player. These remote codes are 5-digit & 3-digit codes that are available to remote brands.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV 4 Digit

Does your universal remote brand accept only 4-digit codes? You can select any of the below available remote codes and follow the programming instructions to set up the remote control.

  • 5321
  • 3891
  • 1731
  • 1901
  • 4981
  • 1071
  • 1641
  • 2161
  • 2741
  • 3531
  • 4101

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GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony Bravia TV

Choose the manual code method to program the GE universal remote for Sony Bravia TV. The available universal code list will be helpful for programming the remote control.

  • 1071
  • 5321
  • 4981
  • 5811
  • 1901
  • 2741

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony DVD Player

You can also set up a remote control for the Sony DVD player with a GE Universal remote. Below are the remote codes that work perfectly with all universal remote brands.

  • 2985
  • 4165
  • 3055
  • 3685
  • 0715
  • 0725
  • 2165
  • 0365
  • 0535
  • 2865
  • 0895
  • 0905
  • 4275
  • 2305
  • 3995
  • 3825

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony Blu-Ray Player

You can manage multiple home entertainment devices with a single remote with universal remotes. Here you will find sony blu ray codes for GE universal remote for all the major remote brands.

  • 2305
  • 4275
  • 4165

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sony Receiver

The Sony Receiver universal remote codes can also be used with your existing CABLE or SAT remote if programmed correctly. Remote codes are 3-digit, 4-digit, & 5-digit codes used to program a remote control. 

  • 52172

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How To Program A GE Universal Remote To A Sony TV

There are several ways of programming a GE Universal remote for Sony TV. If you have the codes to program the Sony TV Universal remote, then you are all set to program your universal remote. Follow the below-given steps to program the remote:

1). Enter Setup Mode: Tap & hold down the “SETUP” key on the universal remote until the red light on the remote start illuminating. Now release the SETUP key. The illuminated red light will remain on.

Note: The Red light either be a small led at the top of the universal remote or a power switch on/off key.

2). Press the device Type button:  Tap & release the device key on the remote for the device type you want to control with the universal remote. The red light illuminates once and then remains lit. 

Note: if the specific device key is unavailable in your remote for the device type, you may use any device key of the remote. 

3). Enter Device code: By using the numeric keys on the remote, you can enter the universal remote codes for the remote from the above list. You can select any of the codes from the here available list. As soon as you enter the code’s fourth digit, the red light will turn off.

4). Tests the programming result: Point out the remote at the device. Test the keys on the remote to see if the device responds to your command as you expect. If the remote buttons don’t manage functions on the device, repeat step 1 and use another remote code.

5). Repeat the Process for Other devices

This is all about setting up GE Universal remote for Sony devices. All you need is working universal codes and programming instructions even. This process is the same for JVC tv codes for GE universal remote. After programming the universal remote, you can control your device’s functions using the universal remote. 

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