GE Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo

Looking for Sanyo TV universal remote codes? Here you will find 4 digit, 3 digit, and 5 digit universal remote codes to configure your GE remote with Sanyo TV. To operate your Sanyo TV device with your favourite GE universal remote you need to enter remotes codes and follow programming instructions.

GE Universal Remote Cl3, Cl4 and CL5 Codes For Sanyo TV List

GE remote codes for cl3, cl4, and cl5 models are updated in the below list. Check the perfect remote code from the list according to your remote brand and compatibility.

  • 5261
  • 2881
  • 3481
  • 2991
  • 3051
  • 5251
  • 2981
  • 1051
  • 0001
  • 0801
  • 1161
  • 1261
  • 1911
  • 2871
  • 1531
  • 1581
  • 5001
  • 5261
  • 2891
  • 5241
  • 1161
  • 5251

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GE Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo DVD Player

You can also use GE universal remote to operate Sanyo DVD player after inserting the universal remote code. These 4 digit remote codes are used according to the remote brand and if the code is correct your remote will be programmed successfully.

  • 0405
  • 2215
  • 2495
  • 2245
  • 2205
  • 0095
  • 2645
  • 2225
  • 2235
  • 3945

GE Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo Roku TV

Below here we have updated Roku universal codes for all remote brands you can check from ge 2 device universal remote manual. To use these universal remote codes you need to configure your Roku TV device with your GE universal remote.

  • 2891

GE Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo Blu Ray Player

Setup remote control for your Sanyo blu-ray dvd player using GE universal remote. All the working GE universal remote codes that work with all major remote brands are available below if you remember we promised to provide these codes in ge universal remote codes for hitachi in this post and now you can see that.

  • 2215

GE Universal Remote Codes For Sanyo Soundbar

Sanyo sound bar can be configured with any universal remote same like ge universal remote codes for dynex if you follow the correct programming instructions and use the right Universal remote codes. Find out the working Sanyo TV remote codes from the given list.

  • 1916

How To Program A GE Universal Remote To A Sanyo TV

  • Turn on the device (TV/DVD/VCR)
  • Tap & hold code “Search/SETUP” button on remote till the light indicator illuminates, then release the button.
  • Tap and release the button for the device you are remote programming. For AUX, click AUX and then device button you assign the AUX. Light indicator blinks for once then remain lit.
  • Now enter the remote code using number buttons in GE universal remote from above list. After you have entered the code the light indicator will turn off.
  • Aim the remote to the device and then press the power button. Now your device will turn off.

If your device doesn’t respond with the above given method, then try the below given code search method for your remote configuration.

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How To Program A GE Universal Remote To A Sanyo TV Without Codes

  • “Turn On” the device
  • Light illuminates and then releases. Tap & hold the “Code Search” OR “Setup” button until the light indicates.
  • Press the device button, indicator light blink for once and then remain lit.
  • Pause for 2 second between each time you press “Power”. Press & release the power key until the device turns off.
  • Now the indicator light goes off.

When your device turns off tap enter/save key. The sleep time will be off your TV when you choose the time 1-99 minutes.

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