GE Universal Remote Codes for Polaroid TV

Do you want to operate your Polaroid TV device using your favorite GE Universal remote such as GE universal remote 3 devices or more device remote? You can do so easily by programming the remote with valid universal remote codes. It would help if you had Polaroid TV codes for GE universal remote and program instructions to configure & set up the universal remote control. These universal remote accepts codes according to their code list version and remote brand. So before start programming a remote, check out the Polaroid TV universal remote codes list available below and select a valid code for programming.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Polaroid TV List

For your universal remote, if you are looking for GE universal remote codes for Polaroid TV, then you are on the right page. Below, we have posted a list of universal GE codes for all major remote brands, such as the ultrapro universal remote 2 device that works with Polaroid TV. Select a universal code from the available code list and perform the remote programming instructions. If the remote code doesn’t work, try using alternative remote codes.

0949, 2271, 2401, 5541, 1241, 5411, 2451, 3741, 5131, 0191, 2081, 0581, 4631

How to Program a GE Universal Remote to a Polaroid TV?

Universal remote programming is quick and easy if valid universal remote codes exist. It works like GE universal remote codes for Philips blu-ray DVD player posts. Below, you will find program instructions and Polaroid TV universal remote codes to program your remote.

  1. “Turn ON” the device manually. Keep the universal remote in front of your device.
  2. Tap & hold on the TV key on your Polaroid TV remote.
  3. After that, click on the “SETUP” Key on the universal remote. Tap the key till the red light blinks twice. This red light alerts you that remote programming is in the learning process.
  4. Now enter the CODE from the instruction manual using the remote’s number pad.
  5. Aim the remote at the TV and click on the “POWER” key until the screen is switched off.

Start your TV device. Your universal remote is programmed successfully if the TV responds with the remote. If this doesn’t happen, try again with other available remote codes, as we did in one article called general electric universal remote codes for Toshiba tv. You can use it set up. If the remote still doesn’t work to operate the device, try using alternative programming methods.

Why is the GE Universal Remote Not Working For Polaroid TV

All versions of GE universal remotes are compatible with Polaroid TV. However, Sometimes the GE universal remote may not work with your Polaroid TV due to internal and external errors. Fix the errors mentioned below to work your remote with the Polaroid TV.

  1. Check the Batteries: Drained batteries can’t send strong signals to the device. Insert a set of new batteries into the remote and test the remote.
  2. Program the remote: Program the remote using a correct code compatible with the Polaroid TV. We have added the programming instructions above in this post.
  3. Power cycle: If the remote doesn’t work, even if you fixed the issue mentioned above, you must unplug all the cables from your Polaroid TV and other devices connected to your TV. Wait for 10 minutes and press the “POWER” button on your Polaroid TV for 10 seconds. After this, connect all the wires to the device. Now test your remote to control the device.
  4. External Errors: Check the external errors, such as physical damage to your remote. If the remote has broken, buy a new GE universal remote to control your Polaroid TV.

In addition, if you can’t program your universal remote using a code, you can try an alternative auto-code search method to program your universal remote.

How To Turn A Polaroid Tv On Without Universal Remote

Find the “POWER” under the Polaroid TV panel and press it once to turn it on. If you have a new model Polaroid TV, install a universal TV remote App on your Phone. These universal remote Apps are available on Google Plays Store and Apple App stores.

How To Reset A Polaroid Tv Without GE Universal Remote

All Polaroid TVs can reset to factory settings without a remote. Press the “MENU” key under the TV panel and use the “ARROW” or “VOLUME” keys to navigate the MENU. Find the “SETUP” option and select the “FACTORY RESET” to reset your Polaroid TV.

If your TV hasn’t had control buttons, you can use a universal remote app to reset the Polaroid TV on your phone. There are several types of universal remote Apps available once you try them.


Please write us your feedback and suggestions about this Polaroid TV universal remote codes article. We hope you will find this helpful in programming the GE universal remote control same steps can work with GE universal remote codes for Haier tv. If you want this device, then you can use it. We regularly post new universal codes for all major remote brands and programming methods with detailed instructions to help you in programming the remote.

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