GE Universal Remote Codes Haier TV

GE universal is the most renowned brand in the industry that offers a wide range of universal remotes that are budget friendly and robust with numerous features. If you own a GE universal remote, you don’t need to worry about programming a replacement remote for your electric device like a TV, DVD, CBL, etc. For your Haier TV, if you want to program a GE universal remote, then it will be a perfect choice for you. You can easily set up a universal remote control using GE universal remote manual or if you have GE Universal remote codes for Haier TV and a program guide. Just enter the remote codes available below for your remote brand and follow the program instructions.

GE Universal Remote Codes Haier TV List

A wide variety of GE universal remote codes are listed here for all major remote brands. More than one code is available for every type of GE universal remote code of Haier and GE remote codes for Magnavox tv here. You need to select a compatible GE remote code for Haier TV for your remote and start setup the remote control.


How to Program GE Universal Remote Haier TV

This method is recommended because it works for many remotes and many devices. We suggest you try this method first to program your GE universal remote with Haier tv once you think it works for GE remote codes for Vizio tv too.

1). Manually switch on the device you want to assign the mode key.

2). Tap & hold on the valid mode key such as TV, VCR, DVD, or AUC on the universal remote. Then click and hold the OK key.

3). Release both the buttons and mode keys you are holding twice blinks.

4). Now enter the 4-digit universal code for the device using the numeric keypad of the remote. The device mode key blinks three times to verify the code has been accepted.

5). Aim the remote control at the device and click on the POWER key to test the device.

6). If the device is powered off, save the code number.

Note: If the device doesn’t turns off, repeat the process from step 3 using alternative remote codes.

You can program your GE universal remote to work with your Haier TV without needing any codes. Follow the steps in this guide. Make sure it turns off after you press the buttons. If your GE universal remote does not turn off your Haier TV, try using other remote codes until it works. This method has proven successful for many remotes and devices, so give it a try!

How to Program GE Universal Remote to a Tv Without Codes

If you have a GE universal remote and want to program it to control your TV without using any codes, it is possible. You can follow these simple steps to easily program your remote to control your TV functions.

Step 1: It starts searching from the first code for the remote.

Step 2: If the code found is incorrect, the green backlight flashes twice, and the remote goes back to normal operations.

Step 3: Suppose you have clicked any other key except ENTER, EXIT, POWER, PLAY, REW, FF, or any number keys 1 through 4 (during remote programming, the AUX mode key). In that case, the mode key will show a long indicator flash that denotes an error message, and the remote will return to normal operation. 

Step 4: Before the auto search function is completed, if the remote is time out, you need to start the process. This will display a long light flash of the led indicator.

Step 5: Suppose the device is not listed for the available codes list brand, or the auto search function cannot search for a valid code. In that case, you need to use the original device remote to control & operate the device functions as we did in GE remote codes for the Sylvania tv post.

How to Turn on Haier Tv Without Remote

If you don’t have a remote for your Haier TV, you can still turn it on. Simply find the physical power button on the back or bottom of the TV and press and hold it for three to five seconds. Once the TV turns on, you can release the button.

Final words:

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