GE Universal Remote Codes Magnavox

Are you looking for GE Universal remote codes for Magnavox TVs? If you have lost the original Magnavox device remote, you can save both time & cost using any universal remote. Old GE universal tv remote codes also help you to set up the remote control for the Magnavox TV if you program using valid GE universal remote codes Magnavox. These universal codes are pre-defined 3-digit, 4-digit numeric codes used according to the remote brand and version. All the remote brands’ universal remote codes are updated below.

GE Universal Remote Codes Magnavox TV List

Here, we have updated a specific list of GE remote codes for Magnavox tv. These codes only work on programming a universal remote control for Magnavox tv brands. Suppose you have a Magnavox tv device and want to configure a GE remote to replace the original tv remote. In that case, these universal 4 digit codes may help you with the configuration and setup of device functions appropriately.

  • 0062
  • 0004
  • 0009
  • 0456
  • 0183
  • 0226
  • 0288
  • 0008
  • 0068
  • 0075
  • 0141

GE Universal Remote Codes for Magnavox DVD player

THE Magnavox DVD player can also be programmed using GE universal remote codes for the Magnavox DVD player, which are available below. You can select any of the remote codes available for your remote brand & type and then start programming. You can also check all brand’s GE universal remote codes for DVD players and programming guides. After programming, if your device doesn’t respond, try using another universal remote code from the available code list.

  • 0398
  • 0408
  • 0979
  • 0981
  • 0980
  • 0456
  • 0915
  • 0914
  • 0969

GE Universal Remote Codes for Magnavox DVD/VCR combo

Suppose you have a combo of Magnavox DVD/VCR players in your home entertainment devices. In that case, you can program the universal remote control for both devices using GE universal remote codes for the Magnavox DVD/VCR combo. After programming the universal remote using these universal remote codes, you can operate both DVD & VCR devices with a single remote.

  • 0445
  • 0412

GE Universal Remote Codes for Philips Magnavox TV

If you want to program a universal GE remote for your Philips Magnavox TV, then the below-listed codes work for you, like how to program GE universal remote to a Haier tv works. First, check for the remote brand and code list version and then select a code accordingly to program and operate your Magnavox TV.

  • 0062
  • 0204
  • 0207
  • 0183
  • 0226
  • 0288

How Do I Use The Code Search On My Magnavox Universal Remote?

Code searching is a most straightforward process, and it takes several minutes, unlike the code entry method. You don’t need to enter a code on this remote in the code search method. Follow the instructions below to use the code search method for your Magnavox universal remote.

  1. Turn on the Magnavox TV.
  2. Point the remote towards the TV and press the “SETUP” key on the remote until the LED light illuminates.
  3. Now, press the “TV” button on the remote. The LED light will flash once and stays solid.
  4. After this, press the “POWER” button on the remote. The remote will send the first batch of codes to your Magnavox TV. If the TV turns off, go to the next step. If not, repeat the exact procedure from step 2.
  5. Turn back on the TV and press the “VOL+” key to review the individual codes. If the TV turns off during this process, the remote has found a valid code. If not, keep pressing the “VOL+” key until the TV turns off. But give a time gap between pressing the “VOL+” to send the code to the TV.
  6. Press the “TV” key on the remote when your TV turns off to save the code.

Finally, test the remote buttons to see whether they work correctly. If the remote control the device as expected, you have done everything correctly. If not, try to reprogram the remote from step 2.

How to Program a GE Universal Remote to a Magnavox TV?

Programming a universal remote is easy if you have valid remote codes and program instructions. So here we have mentioned step-by-step instructions to program a GE universal remote to Magnavox, along with a universal remote codes list. you can also try GE universal remote setup without the code to setup Magnavox remote Please follow the given instructions:

  1. “Turns on” the device manually.
  2. On the universal remote, tap the device key, such as TV, DVD, or Blu-ray.
  3. Click and hold on to the “SETUP” key until the device key blinks twice.
  4. Tap on “9,” “9,” and “0” using the number pad of the remote. The device key will blink twice.
  5. To get the initial digit of the universal code, click on “1” on the numeric keys and then count the number of times the device key blinks. If it flashes twice, the first digit of the code is 2. If the device key doesn’t blink, the first number of the code is 0. For the second digit of the universal code, tap “2” on the numeric keys of the remote and then count the number of times the device key blinks. Continue the same process to obtain the remaining digital universal code.
  6. To find out the codes for other smart devices, repeat the steps given above but substitute the device key with the relatable one for the device you are remote programming.

How To Reset A Magnavox Universal Remote

You can reset the universal remote within a minute by following the simple instructions below.

  • Press the “SETUP” button on the remote until the LED light flashes once. Release the “SETUP” button when the LED light stays solid.
  • Now, press the “MUTE” button on the remote. The LED light will flash once.
  • Finally, press the “0” key on the remote. The LED light will flash twice when the remote reset completes.

Final words:

We hope you find our Magnavox TV universal remote control article helpful in programming a remote for your TV/DVD devices. From various sources, we have updated these colorways remote codes list here. Let us know your feedback and suggestions to improve and serve you more updated remote codes & program instruction.

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