GE Universal Remote Codes for JVC TV

Do you want to program your favorite GE remote to operate a JVC TV device? Now you can program any of your universal remotes with home entertainment devices to remove the hassle of buying original or compatible brand remotes. If you have JVC codes for GE Universal remote, you can easily program the remote using these universal codes as we did in GE universal remote codes for the Emerson tv post. These special numeric codes help devices read the commands given by the remote controls. We have updated a list of codes and remote programming methods to help you find the best JVC TV codes for the GE universal remote remote remote.

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GE Universal Remote Codes for JVC TV List

To program a GE Universal remote, the most important thing is universal codes that work according to the remote brand & type. These codes are GE 3 device universal remote manual or 4-digit unique codes works based on the code list version of the remote. We have updated a list of Ge universal remote control codes for JVC TV. So you can select a code and perform the remote programming, and if that code doesn’t work, you can choose alternative codes from the available list.

  • 0060
  • 0026
  • 0197
  • 0069
  • 0247
  • 0923
  • 0012
  • 0065
  • 0067
  • 0141

How to Program a GE Universal Remote to a JVC TV?

Programming a universal remote can take only a few minutes as it takes in GE universal remote code for the Sceptre process if you enter the correct GE universal remote code for JVC TV and follow the process carefully. We have mentioned all the points with clear steps to program a universal remote for JVC tv.

  1. Manually Switch “ON” the device (TV, DVD, VCR) that you want to program.
  2. Tap & hold on to the “CODE SEARCH/SETUP” key on the universal remote until the led indicator illuminates, then release.
  3. Press & release the key for the device you are remote programming (TV, AUX, Blu-ray, etc.). For AUX, click on AUX, then the device key you assign to AUX.
  4. Now enter the code for the JVC device using the number pad in the universal GE remote. After entering the universal code, the remote indicator will turn off.
  5. Point out the universal remote at the device (TV, VCR, DVD) and click on the power key, and your device should be switched off.

NOTE: if the device doesn’t respond to the initial code, repeat the steps using another code from the list, the same as how to program GE universal remote to Hisense tv method. 


Please write us about your feedback and suggestion about these JVC TV universal remote codes articles, and let us know if you want to make any improvements. We regularly post new universal codes for all the major brands with programming methods to help you program GE remote to Sanyo tv to enjoy seamless entertainment.

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