GE Universal Remote Codes Roku

GE universal remote codes are the best sources to connect and operate multiple devices using a single remote. Your TV, DVD player, VCD, and stereo systems can be operated using a single remote. GE universal remote Roku code is widely used for complete ease. If you wish to enjoy a control but still choose to operate the control efficiently, program GE universal remote for Roku for a handy experience, and GE universal remote codes for TCL Roku tv are provided here. There are different 4-digit codes for separate devices. All you got to do is know your code and connect for an unprecedented experience. 

GE Universal Remote Codes Roku

GE remotes generally control a Roku via an infrared (IR) sensor. Typically most of the Roku boxes are connected and controlled similarly. A separate set of 4-digit Roku universal remote code GE, or the “Streaming Player” GE codes, needs to be entered for the Roku device. Few of which are- 1966, 1992, 7009, and 7003. However, one needs to know their code to get linked.

  • 6171
  • 6001

GE Universal Remote CI4 Codes Roku

GE universal codes are famous globally. However, based on its various versions, there are three different GE universal remote codes TCL and Roku, which can be found on the list of the CL series- CL3, CL4, and CL5. CL4 codes are based on blue ray functioning and add a new list of features for the GE universal remote codes.

  • 2274
  • 2014
  • 4395
  • 0903

How Do I Program My GE Universal Remote to My Roku?

If you know how to connect your GE universal remote to your device, you are through with the connection process, and you can enjoy your entertainment device the right way. Suppose you want How to program GE universal remote to a Hisense Roku tv. Check here. One can either manually set up the remote or enter a suitable 4-digit code. However, if you are still finding answers, how do I program my GE universal remote to my Roku? Here is a step-by-step process to follow:- 

Step 1: To begin, you need to enter the setup mode of the device. To do so, keep the setup button pressed and help for a longer time. Wait to release the setup button of the remote until you can see the remote’s red light turning on. 

Step 2: Press on the device type button. Next, you need to press on the device type button tab to choose the type of device you wish to connect your remote with. There is an entire list of devices to scroll and select.

Step 3: Enter the 4-digit device code. Next, you need to choose the appropriate codes from the list of GE remote codes for Roku from above. Every device, including GE universal remote codes for Roku tv, audio system, etc., is unique, and for pairing the two units, you need to pick the right one.

Step 4: Test the final results. Once the device is connected, it’s time to check your final results. You need to turn on your device by pressing the power button. If the device is not connected, you should try another code by searching for the same automatically. A similar process can be repeated for the other devices, too.

This is how you can connect one or more devices via General Electric universal remote codes for Roku. If you are looking for 33712 GE remote codes, go through this article. You will find the codes. 

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