GE Universal Remote Codes for TCL

TV programs and their watch list is ever-growing and so is the ease of watching them. The GE universal remote codes are one such way to own TV viewership, effortlessly. Inserting a few TCL code for GE universal remote into the system integration process helps connecting the GE universal code to your TV for viewing a lot of programs, uninterrupted. However, it is very important to gain access to the codes specially defined for the particular brand of TV or any other streaming device you wish to connect your remote with.

GE Universal Remote Codes for TCL List

There is an all new well defined list of unique system codes to match with the particular brand of streaming device one wishes to connect their GE universal remote with. You can get the GE universal remote TCL code list online or from the device manual that comes along. Pick the right 4 digit universal code and insert the same during the integration process. All you got to do is carefully follow the manual and soon you will be all set to this digital streaming.

CL3 Codes: 2851, 0091, 1421, 1691, 1851, 2011, 2061, 2111, 2301, 3421, 3431, 3571, 4921, 2435

CL4 Codes: 6171 5961 6031 5771 2891 1741 6201

CL5 Codes: 6171 5961 6031 5771 2891 1741 6201

How Do I Program My GE Universal Remote to My TCL TV?

If you are looking for answers as to how do you program your GE universal remote codes for TCL, you are at the right place. Following a simple set of steps is good enough to connect your TCL smart TV with the GE remote. 

Here are the set of steps to follow one by one when you wish to connect your smart TV through TCL TV code for GE universal remote

Step 1: Every device supports a specific remote code that goes with your remote. The first and foremost step is to identify that 4 digit code for your device.

Step2: Once you have the code in hand, next you need to press the setup button on your remote. Try putting a long press till the red light on the remote turns red. As the light turns on, release the button and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to press and release the device’s power button to switch on the device in pairing mode. Once this is done, follow the next step.

Step 4: Now put in the keycode you have identified for your device using the numeric buttons on your universal remote. If the entered codes are correct, the device should respond, so the next step is to do the same. 

Step 5: Pointing the remote like any other regular remote try powering the device to check if the device responds. If the device responds, pairing is successful else you need to repeat the steps from beginning. 

Step 6: Each time you need to install another device, you need to repeat the process for every individual device.

Final words

These are the steps to follow to pair your GE universal remote codes for TCL Smart TV. There are different levels of button to support the specific remote. Here’s the level of button support one can find in the remote.

Basic – Power, volume, and input select.
Expanded – Basic button support along with back, home, up, down, right, left, replay, options (or star button), play/pause, reverse scan, and forward scan.

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