GE Universal Remote Codes for Sceptre TV

In today’s digital era we don’t compromise with our entertainment, and so we end up having multiple devices at home just for our entertainment. Having several devices means dozens of remotes to operate them. In this situation, a universal remote is the best solution to ditch all the remotes and control all your devices with one remote. Just by entering a code and following proper guidelines, you will be able to control your TV with the remote even you can learn how to set up a ge universal remote without codes as well. In this article, we have given a brief detail about codes and programming instructions to pair your GE universal remote to Sceptre TV.   

GE Universal Remote Codes for Sceptre TV List

GE universal remote control is compatible with all the devices at your home including Sceptre TV. If you have the GE remote and want to pair your Sceptre TV with it, then sync the TV with the remote using CL5 and Cl4 codes which you can find below in this article or else you can check 6 device universal remote codes or the user manual of the GE universal remote. You need to just enter the code to connect the TV with the remote. After programming your TV to the remote you will be able to control the entire functioning of the Sceptre TV with a GE universal remote.

  • 3521
  • 4071
  • 5111
  • 1071

It is very frustrating using so many checks with universal remote control codes to sync a specific TV unit with remotes. So for your ease, we have added working GE universal remote codes for Sceptre TV. Usually, Sceptre TV requires a CL3, CL4, and CL5 digits code to get connected with the universal remote. But for GE remote you only need to have 4 and 5 digits codes. We have listed down a complete list of codes here and incase if you have ge universal remote code for sanyo tv check this, you can check these codes and program your TV with the remote.

How to Program GE Universal Remote to Sceptre tv

Here is the programming guideline that will allow your GE universal remote control to connect with Sceptre TV by auto-code search programming method. The only thing you need to keep in your mind while syncing the remote and TV is that the batteries are new and installed properly on the remote. Follow all the given steps carefully and operate your TV with one universal remote same way works for ge universal remote codes emerson.

  1. Turn on your Sceptre TV and hold your GE universal remote in a straight line aiming at the TV.
  2. Press and hold the TV and power button simultaneously on the remote until the red light indicator lights up constantly.
  3. Now press the power button. At this moment, the TV button on the remote will blink continuously which means it is searching for your TV unit’s code. 
  4. As soon as your remote finds your TV code, the TV will turn off automatically.
  5. Now immediately press the OK button when the TV turns off within 3 seconds to avoid the remote going into the searching mode again to find the next code.
  6. When you press the OK button on the remote that means you have stored the code and now the TV button will turn off.

Final words:

Programming universal remote to the TV is a bit tricky sometimes, so we have tried to cover all the necessary codes and guidelines in this article for how to program a ge cl3 universal remote without codes check this post. Hope this article helps you to program GE universal remote control to Sceptre TV. For more such queries, you can comment down below or you can even talk to the customer care which is available 24*7 for your service. 

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